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The Urban Dog Trainer

Build a watertight relationship with your best friend and THRIVE TOGETHER in busy cities and towns, with the help of a canine body language expert.

We have everything you and your puppy or dog need:

• Force-free rewards-based training powered by love and science

• Physical wellbeing and dietary help

• One-to-one behaviour sessions in London, Marlow and Henley-on-Thames

• Intimate Pup in the City classes in London 

• Online training

About us

Rachel Wojcicki is a certified trainer with the Dog Training College. She is based in London and also helps her clients in Marlow and Henley-on-Thames.

With a focus on helping dogs and puppies thrive in busy places like cities and towns, she specialises in canine body language and building a watertight relationship between you and your dog.

With this strong foundation the rest falls into place.


We help with all of these challenges and more:

  • Rescue puppies and dogs and their adjustment into your lives
  • New puppies and everything that comes with welcoming them into your home
  • Lockdown pups
  • Lead pulling
  • Resource guarding
  • Recall
  • Introducing dogs to other pets
  • Excessive barking
  • Toilet training
  • General and separation anxiety
  • Fear
  • Reactivity, both towards other dogs, and humans
  • Confidence building for you and your dog

Positive reinforcement

Learn the art of encouraging the best behaviours in your dog with rewards and reject the outdated practise of aversion therapy.

The force-free method means no scolding, punishment, or pain – all techniques that have been scientifically proven to be nothing but detrimental to your training and relationship with your dog.

One-to-one training and behaviour sessions

Build a language between you and your dog and work through everything from loose-lead walking to dog-on-dog reactivity.

Physical wellbeing and diet

Discover how to give your dog all they need to keep them in tip-top condition. The general health of a dog influences every aspect of their behaviour. So not surprisingly our canine friends are what they eat! 

Pup in the City

These evening courses will give you and your dog the tools to be calm and confident so that you can both thrive in the metropolis.

We run them on a regular basis in Hackney, London and you can choose either, our ever popular five-week Beginner Course or, the four-week Level Up Course for those wanting to supercharge their training.

We have also started running Sausage in the City Courses specially for dachshunds.

“Such an amazing course – I highly recommend it! I have read books and watched videos on dog training but nothing comes close to being able to learn from and ask questions of experts in person.” Anja

For dates, information and the booking form, go    

Online training

For advice and training similar to the one-to-one sessions but virtually, so that it’s comfortable for you and your dog. These sessions are also perfect for fitting around busy schedules.


We help you to build a great relationship with your dog in London, Marlow and Henley-on-Thames.


 “Since adopting our dog three years ago we’d asked multiple trainers and behaviorists tohelp us understand him better and end someof his unsocial behaviour.

“Rachel was the first to teach us to accepthis nature and work with him to get the best of him. The previous training had always focused on disciplining him and it never worked!

“Instead, she’s taught us techniques tomanage his excitement levels and nowwe have a far happier and calmer dog.

“We’re so grateful for Rachel’s help and we recommend her to anyone struggling with their canine friend – she’s incredible!”

Samantha Marinho

“We worked one-on-one with Rachel across six sessions with our corgi puppy, focusing first on his walking, which was initially a nightmare because he loved to chase our feet. We went from dreading taking him out and only getting about 10-15 minutes from our door before having to turn back, to a confident pup who loves heading to the park and exploring!

“As new puppy owners we were frustrated with certain recurring behaviours and anxious about giving our little guy the best start. Rachel taught us how to communicate better with him and a range of life-saving distraction techniques. We made progress really quickly and now have a happy, curious seven month-old pup!

“Rachel is very knowledgeable, reassuring and we love her approach of positive reinforcement and letting the dog make the right decision himself. We always get compliments on how well behaved he is. Admittedly he still has his meltdowns but we can now cope with them more confidently and quickly! and we’ve recommended Rachel to our pup-owning friends too.

“We’re very grateful to have found Rachel. I don’t know what we would have done without her guidance and she’ll be our first port of call should we need further support.

Bex Pate

 “We’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachel over the past couple of months concentrating on recall for my two year-old Cockapoo. Suffice to say, my dog loves her!

The training has been focused, informative and effective. Rachel has made me realise that most of the work needs to be done by me and applied consistently. We’ve changed our walking habits and my idea of what constituted a good walk has been switched around so that it benefits my dog and not just me. He’s very happy with the new arrangement, not least as it comes with treats!”

Maz Hayes

 “Rachel has such a wealth of knowledge. She really took the time to listen and was so supportive. My li’l pup Patty is eating better, walking alongside me, and we are working on new behaviours at the moment in manageable stages. It’s so comforting to know Rachel is on hand should I need more help.”

Roberta Kearsey

 “We worked with Rachel for five weeks with a goal to improve our Cavapoo’s recall – she loves squirrels too much! She’s made massive progress super quickly and we were able to not only improve recall in highly distracting environments, but also work on separation anxiety, table manners and learn few party tricks. 

“Rachel has been so flexible and attentive and all around lovely. It was great to get her diligent write-ups after each session and be able to check in with her throughout the week.

“And our puppy Maya LOVES her ♥️.”

Ola Sitarska

 “Rachel was unbelievable with training my puppy (and myself). She has a natural love for all dogs which instantly shines through, and she patiently spent time guiding us through techniques to help my puppy decrease barking, settle down in general and combat resource guarding.

“No issue was ever a problem for Rachel and she was always on hand to answer any questions I had. The techniques she put in place have worked miraculously and I am beyond grateful that she has provided me with the tools to move forward with our training.

“Thank you so much Rachel, we wuff you! x”

Sophie Dakin

 “Rachel worked out what was going on with my dog Charlie. She listened to my concerns, carefully observed his behaviour and researched different strategies. She found the root of some of his problems (undiagnosed pain) and directly contributed to increasing the quality of his life.

“Thank you Rachel!”


 “I decided to work with Rachel as she was one of the trainers at Peanut’s daycare. She made me realise that certain things Peanut did were not my fault – it was just her personality – and this helped me to gain confidence in training her, which in turn helped Peanut’s confidence too.

“Peanut used to perform badly when it came to recalls and being scared of children. After putting a lot of effort in with treats and reinforcement, we got there and Peanut is now so alert and attentive (even though she does chase birds occasionally!). I love working with Rachel and will continue to do so.”

Matilda Arnell

 “Rachel has been so kind and patient in working with my partner and me on our puppy training. We took on an anxious and fear-reactive rescue puppy and, as first time dog owners, were at a loss. I heard about Rachel through a neighbour at a time when I felt really low and hopeless about our ability to help our pup.

“Our sessions have been so reassuring and helpful – she puts us and our puppy at ease and gives actionable guidance that makes a real difference. More than anything she’s helped us to see that we’re doing a good job; it’s a slow process, but we’ll get there in the end. We definitely recommend her to anyone struggling with a new puppy.”

Tina S


London • Marlow • Henley-on-Thames